A 2-minute read before a 2-minute face wash.

4 Alternatives to a Daily Gym Routine

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6 tips to look great this wedding season.

7 essentials to be Coldplay-ready!

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5 fresh Grooming Hacks you have never heard about

A 2-minute read before a 2-minute face wash.

As we know, the quickest fix to freshen up is a face wash. But this small little habit has its own unique factors to follow.

Washing your face is not just splashing water. It's beyond a fancy face wash and lots of water.

A pretty simple yet mechanical process, you can still go wrong with it more often than not.

Here are some tips that can make face washing a lot better than you think:
  1. Choose the right temperature

    Well, that's some basic sense you need to be aware of! Hot water is not recommended at all. It does nothing to treat your skin tissues but damage them instead. Similarly, cold water doesn't help either. You will probably end up with skin irritation.

    The solution lies in between with lukewarm water being your best bet for a clean and effective wash.

  2. What's your skin type?

    Yes, it's a little tricky to answer that. If you simply pick the exact same face wash that your friend uses, stop now!

    The ingredients vary, the effects vary and hence you can't use the same product. Ask a friend who has tried some products before you.

    Also, manufacturers advise on the product packaging to try a small patch on your face to check its receptivity on your skin.

  3. Don't use a bar or soap

    Quick fix shortcuts don't succeed with skin care. Always opt for a natural face wash instead of your regular soap. It strips off the skin of its natural oils making it dry and flaky.

  4. Don't bathe with the face wash

    You don't overdo the face cream, just use it prudently. Less is more when it comes to skin care and while you beautify your face; keep it minimum for desired effects.

  5. Wash your hands before your face

    You defy the purpose of your wash if your hands aren't clean. Wash them well before they act upon your face.

  6. How many times should you wash your face?

    Once daily? Twice enough? Opinions are bound to fluctuate on this one. Overdoing it may expose your skin to dirt and germs.

    Once in the morning as you get up and just before sleeping are the best times to wash your face. By washing before you sleep, you are not letting any dirt settle in the pores.

    So hope your do's and don'ts are in place for the next face wash.

    Cheers to a bright and clean look! 

4 Alternatives to a Daily Gym Routine

We always tend to give excuses of how we skipped gym for reasons you cannot just reason with. The relationship between us and that ever-so-exhausting treadmill is not unnoticed by today's youth, and the obvious hate spills all throughout social media. While the protein shake-friendly people are busy bulking, shredding, or whatever they are naming 'transformations' these days, the employees of LFC (Lazy Fed-Up Corporation) are finding new excuses.

Well, it's not the real picture. A large group of people think that gyming is over-hyped and there could be many other ways to stay healthy and fit. So, if you think gym is the only route to get fit, think again. Here are 4 options you can surely give a try!

  1. Callisthenics

    The Greeks were pioneers in Calisthenics and since been it has been adapted across various countries to tackle the modern-day fitness requirements.

    Wondering what it's all about? Gym without machines? Yes, pretty much that. It is basically a set of exercises that help you in body-weight training. These include movement and coordination of arms, legs, and other body parts.

    As you stretch your muscles with various routines, it helps you increase body strength through movements such as pulling or pushing oneself up, bending, jumping, or swinging.

    With different levels of calisthenics, you can choose which one to begin with and work on your muscles.

  2. Swimming

    Swimming is not just the activity that helps you develop those 'cuts' on your biceps and triceps. With water being a dominant force, your body movements are challenged the most while swimming. That's how the body strength gets better and better with more time in the pool.

    The age old saying of swimming is an exercise for the entire body only holds true, if performed the right way. At a fast pace or should we call it racing, your cardiovascular health receives a boost. Your heartbeat is bound to get more prudent while your lungs get more prowess with quick breathing.

  3. Martial Arts

    Not just the high-class action that you see in the movies, martial arts has a lot more to do than just knocking down opponents with ferocious moves.

    Rigorous training and meticulous stamina exercises improve your cardiovascular health, basically keeping you young at heart, which every man wishes.

    Martial arts have a great calming effect on the mind as they are believed to be a great exercise for the nervous system, making your reflexes better.

    Martial arts help you slow down and take things easy, one at a time. Also, they teach you the all-important axiom of accomplishing one task completely and then move onto the next instead of attempting everything at once.

    Choosing one has their own benefits- karate, kickboxing, taekwondo many options to seek.
    And if you know some kickass action moves, you have your lady impressed!

  4. Dance

    Dancing is not a hobby anymore. With gymnastics and Zumba slowly climbing the popularity charts in cities, you don't just dance to express but also maintain a fit and healthy body.

    Dancing involves all your major muscle groups. While you are perfecting the moves, you work on increasing your bone density as well as work your upper and lower body more effectively, better than those long jogs and running regimes. 

    Be it any dance form, contemporary, hip hop or even Bollywood for that matter, you lose a lot more calories than you think. Coordination, reflexes, all get better as you follow those cool dance routines one after the other.

    And if you complain about having two left feet, well you need not worry. You don't need to be a pro, just give it a go!

    So there you go, gym haters, try these cool alternatives and you won't stray away from your healthy routine!

5 Fresh Grooming Hacks You Have Never Heard About

Let's face it - everyone wants to look good. Vanity is not a sin, and just like ladies, men, too, aren't immune to taking an interest in their appearance. Everyone wants to get up in the morning, clean up well and look fresh-as if they have come straight from a rejuvenating vacation. Fortunately for you, there are smarter ways to do things that can have a pronounced impact on the quality of your life and the way you look. We have listed down few unexpected grooming hacks that will help you achieve the look you desire. Yes, you're welcome!

  1. Calamine lotion can be used as an emergency treatment for your zits, especially when you have an important event to attend the following morning.

    A zit normally appears when you sleep or throughout the day when you're out, and it takes more than 24 hours to become red and full-blown. During this very period, when you know you're about to get a pimple, you can rub the lotion onto the affected area. Lacto Calamine is one product that's easily available in the market and is also cheap. Just make sure you moisturise you skin thoroughly with a water-based moisturiser as it tends to make the skin a tad drier.

  2. Wash your face with cold water immediately after you're done shaving, you'd be surprised by how fresh it will make you look

    This hack applies to every man who complains of having a dull-looking skin. Once you're done shaving, or washing your face for that matter, always rinse your skin with cool water afterwards. This will essentially do two things to your skin-a) it will wash away any excess soap or shaving foam, and b) it will close your pores thereby preventing oil, dirt and grime from getting in. This in turn tightens your skin and give you a sharper look overall. Make this hack a part of your morning regime and you'd drastically improve the quality of your skin.

  3. Get all your major grooming activities of the morning done in one single shower

    Brush your teeth, wash your face, shampoo and even shave while you're in the shower. You'll not only save time but will kill more than two birds with one stone. In fact, make a pretty specific ritual and stick to it. Brush teeth > Shampoo > Condition > Shave > Wash Face > Wash rest of yourself. Genius, isn't it?

  4. While shaving leave the cream on your face for five minutes

    Please remember-this shaving hack will work only if you have a quality shaving cream as opposed to a cheap one or even foam. This hack will not only soften your facial hair and ready your pores for that razor, but will also prevent razor burn and red spots from coming back.

  5. Ran out of shaving cream? Don't worry, we have the best solution!

    Hair conditioner makes for an excellent shaving cream because it softens your skin like a charm. This will work well for sensitive areas too. Also, you can even substitute baby oil for a shaving cream-but only when you've ran out of both the aforementioned products. I won't advise you to make this a habit, but won't deny their advantages to. Baby oil when used with lukewarm water soften the bristles of your hair and will give you a close shave.

    Now go ahead, look well and shine!

7 essentials to be Coldplay-ready!

The moment is finally here after all the endless rumours - are they coming or not? Where is the venue? Will those security gates be generous enough for an easy entry? Such worries can be put to rest as Chris Martin and his troupe set the stage on fire at the Global Citizen Festival on 19thNovember at the MMRDA grounds, BKC.

The band has captivated fans from across the globe with their music and breath-taking live shows. Not to forget, their involvement with the Global Citizen Movement has definitely helped them reach a lot more hearts.

However, before you Hymn for the Weekend, are you prepped up with all the essentials?

Just imagine a night before the event, discussion galore on the Whatsapp group but don't know how to go about it? Are you missing something? What's the best thing to wear? Too stylish or comfort all the way? How would you keep your hair sorted in the excitement? Well, we give you a complete checklist that shall put your worries to rest.

Prep up with these essentials for COLDPLAY:

Know your Venue:

Google maps is a good friend, don't alienate it! Check out the location, time and distance, keeping in mind the mad rush for cabs and the endless list of celebs and their security convoys. Often concert gates are far away from the parking, so you surely need to pace up the distance walking. Get your tickets printed and keep them with you until the last performance of the evening.

Go by the rules:

Check out the event website and read all rules and regulations to know what you can carry and what you cannot. We bet that you definitely aren't on board with wasting too much time at the security check.

Be a phone - o - grapher:

Pictures are so important but you can't be glued to your selfies all the time. Concerts mean low light, low light means bad photos; hence decode the art of good pictures with a nice, effective camera phone. Pick one with good contrast and optimum zoom to capture the best moments during the event.

Also, keep these tricks in mind to keep those photos awesome:

No flash - It ruins photos.

Avoid videos - Unless you like your Snapchat story to be noisy, you shouldn't waste time on taking videos. Holding your phone for long time in a concert, you can soak in the wonderful atmosphere instead. The concert video will be online in few days!

Hairstyle without much hassle:

Jump your heart out, sway to the music, but then keep your hair strong, healthy as well as stylish for the concert onslaught. Choose the style you prefer, wet look or rugged look-which will keep your hair nourished and lustrous. We'd recommend reaching the venue early-on and sporting that hair-style to look just perfect as the concert starts. While you get up next morning, get the hangover cure for your hair with the beer shampoo. Simple, isn't it?

Smell great all through the show:

Large crowds, lots of humidity, the deodorants can't cross the entry gates but you can't compromise on irresistible fragrance. No need to fret, keep your work simple to keep the odour away. Firstly, pick a strong fragrant soap, set the base for long lasting freshness. Follow with up with deo talc that keep give your skin a nice cooling effect with cooling crystals. That's it, do this and there won't be much wrong with how you smell. Add the element of deo shots for regular dose of freshness through the event.(you can add images of products mentioned in the article)

Clothes that spell COMFORT:

Ok, maybe you haven't indulged in that customary "I need to go shopping for the Coldplay event". No issues. Because when it comes to concert fashion, comfort is the king. Choose a simple t-shirt that can accompany your go-to jeans or trousers. Bermuda shorts are a go ahead too, if you love shorts. In case you want to tackle chilly night weather, carry a jacket or pullover along.

The right shoes:

Going wrong with the footwear is quite easy, but some common sense will surely come handy. Opt for sneakers as you may end up standing for a very long time, and wearing any less supportive shoe won't be advisable. White will not be the best option, unless you don't mind them getting black by the end. So there you go, right from your tickets to what you're wearing, you've taken care of everything. What are you waiting for? Get going for the ultimate event in town tomorrow!

3 Life-Changing Fresh Perspectives Every Man Must Follow This New Year

2016 is here, fellas! It's a new year, a new beginning of sorts - a time that's filled with ample opportunities and goals to achieve. Of course, it all depends on how you embrace this new innings. If your life is going great, if you're thrilled with your professional life, content with your personal, this one is not for you. You go ahead and have a nice day because you're doing great.

For the rest who struggle in at least one of their life's aspects or other, one who can't even write five impressive things about themselves on a piece of paper, this one's for you. You might be going to hate this, but in the end you'll only think, "I wish someone had told me this earlier."

So, raise your hands and clink your glasses to a new and fresh you!

  1. Start your new year by letting go of all the toxic people in your life.

    Take it as rule of thumb - you can't please everyone in life, and you don't have to. Walking away from certain situations, painful memories or unpleasant people is a step forward - it's a sign of maturity. Don't be paralysed by all those people whose only intention is to bring you down and make you miserable - let them go! People who lie to you, people who use you, toxic exes or people who talk behind your back - leave all of them behind. Always remember: change happens for a reason, it's never easy but then nothing worthwhile in life comes easy.

  2. Remember - it's okay to be the ‘Nice Guy'

    Let's make this very clear - it's okay to be the nice guy. It's very easy to be a guy who treats people like garbage, it's easy to be the douche girls in general like, but it takes a special kind of person to not be that guy. You're not that person. But, there's a catch.

    Sample this - there are two types of people. Person A - who's your quintessential nice guy. He avoids confrontation, he'll go to any lengths to make women comfortable and does things out of his way to please people. He can also be seen as a pushover sometimes. Person B - is someone who lives life on his own terms without having so much as a moral code of conduct, he is ruthless, treats people like shit and is not afraid to hurt people.

    Your focus should be to attain a middle ground. Someone who's loved, respected, is nice, helps others, someone who definitely has a moral obligation, but doesn't let anyone walk all over him. If someone doesn't appreciate for your niceness, then they sure as hell don't deserve you in the first place.

  3. Being fit is not just an option, it's a mandate. One that has the potential to change your life forever.

    What is the point of even looking at these fresh life perspectives if you don't have a healthy mind and body to support it. Your psyche is layered with defence mechanism designed to shoot down anything that will challenge the status quo, anything that might keep things from staying exactly where they are. Think about it! Even while you're reading this, before you even consider joining a gym or start running, your mind is thinking of knee-jerk reactions to reject it. Fight this instinct.

    If you want people to take you seriously, you have to take yourself seriously first. Start eating well and exercising. No one is asking you to join the gym and workout like a mad man, no need to build those poster abs that are everywhere around us - of course you can if you want to, it's your prerogative. Just take 20 minutes out of your day to work on your body. Do some push ups or even crunches while watching TV or listening to music. Take the stairs instead of elevators, go for a jog or run a kilometre or two daily. This itself will bring a remarkable change in your life and appearance.

    Carpe diem my friends, it's 2016!

6 tips to look great this wedding season.

The frost has finally set in, as the world celebrates this season of love, joy and wedding bells, Indians get busy booking venues. Yes, for the once in a lifetime occasion that includes rituals, ceremonies, partying and a lot more! Not to forget, endless photographs which serve as lifelong memories. The various wedding events combine tradition and celebrations to bring family and friends together. The time when the wedding planners are raking in the moolah when some dulhan ties the knot with her dulha.

Yes, this is the wedding season and you cannot stay oblivious to it. Wherever you go, someone or the other is getting married!

It is always better to be prepared, isn't it?

Hence,here are six cool tips to look flamboyant without being too flashy.

Outfits to outclass:

It is easy to go overboard with your clothes. Although it is good to attract attention, you should let the groom be the most sought after person.

So, go easy with your clothing. A suit is your best bet and it becomes better with perfect fitting.

Evening wear works the best unless you decide to wear it for the day functions.

Ditch the denims- cause it is marriage, not a bachelor party.

P.S.: Did we say borrowing clothes from your elder brother/buddy is a big NO?

Face that steals the limelight:

Your face matters the most. With all the lights and eager shutterbugs around, taking care of your face is important.

Cleansing, toning and moisturising are the most important components of going presentable.

Opt for a nice moisturising face wash. Allow your skin to go with a healthy face wash, and work adequately as per your skin type.

While the women stay occupied with the makeup, you just need to look fresh and fine. That is enough to look amazing!

Watch that beard:

The scuffed up beard may look cool, but not everyone can rock it to the T. Most people clean up their beard before weddings, and you can be smart enough to go for the same.

You can invest in a reliable beard kit with handcrafted beard oils and butters for men that ensures that your facial hair has that styling hold

Hairstyles that make you a winner:

There is no need for a transformation. Hairstyles need to be comfortable and in trend. By the former, we mean which hairdo suits you best and complements your outfit for the wedding.

Put in some time and money to get a professional haircut. Weddings are the time to look your best. Hence, there is no harm in spending a bit more to get your perfect look. Pamper your hair with a nice wash, followed as experts which should sound doubtful, it can be put as "a nice hair get treatment.

Moreover, to up its nourishment quotient, choose the Beer Shampoo that shall take care of the luster and set it pretty well.

Smile effortlessly:

Yes, you may cringe at the thought but a spa visit is not something completely unwarranted. Not often are you scrutinized over such minute details. Even your nails can be captured by candid photographers!

If you think you should opt for a manicure, do not hesitate. There shall be enough 'smile please' moments at a wedding. Salt or no salt, get that toothpaste to do its job effectively and make your smile bright and worth a sight!

Footwear that fits easy:

Opt for comfortable footwear, because you would like to dance in the baaraat with some easy-to-groove footwear!

Do not play with colours; let your clothes handle that department. Choose formals for the evening ceremonies and the desi Indian footwear to match up with your Kurta Pajama! Sorted?

Experimenting is great, but taking the risk of committing a faux pas at this particular moment is not cool!

So there you are all prepped up to attend a Big Fat Indian wedding! Enjoy the celebrations, fun, selfies and not to forget- free food!

Decoding: Perfectly groomed hair

Is there a secret to perfectly groomed hair? Several men have searched for the answer, but few have found it.

To begin with, the hacks to look stylish are endless. You can don the perfect clothes; match them up with classy shoes, and jazz it up with accessories.

Everything falls in place, except your hairstyle!

We know how it feels, that's why we are sorting you out with 5 tips to decode hair troubles and make your hairstyle as suave as it can get.

Start with a tidy hair wash:

Begin your hair regime with a proper wash. Use your fingers to comb your hair and let go of the dirt or loose scalp lingering around your strands. Not to forget, it' the go-to-way for de-knotting and easing out the tangles.

Moreover, when you shower, always use lukewarm water. Because warm water robs essential natural oils secreted from the sebum, making the hair dry and causing an itchy scalp.

Shampoo it right:

This is where most men overdo it.

Unless you have strong lustrous hair that is frizz-free, weekly shampoo sessions are fine. Otherwise, opening the shampoo bottle twice a week can keep your hair sorted.

Shampoos do add to the shine quotient of your hair, but excessive use can rob its essential oils.

Talking about shampoos, let us clear the air around how they are different from conditioners.

If your shampoo works as a cleanser, your conditioner will provide the moisturising effect. Never pick a 2-in-1-conditioner shampoo as they work better when given their individual tasks.

Accept one simple fact- Good hair can pass off with a shampoo, but dry hair needs a moisturising touch.

Dry your hair effectively:

After your bath, do not immediately opt for the towel. You often use the towel aggressively to dry your hair pretty fast and get ready. But, unknowingly, you end up damaging your hair.

You can avoid this by using a t-shirt or a small cloth. Be it short or long hair; choose a hair dryer over a towel to keep your hair stronger and lustrous.

Brush your skills in hair care:

You may wonder what the difference is. Combs are magical weapons that help you set your hair in place while hairbrushes are effective towards the end of the day, when your hair has already had its share of sunlight and wind exposure. Brushing allows proper distribution of oils produced in the scalp. These include those natural oils that hydrate and condition the hair.

Opt for a brush if your hair isn't tangled after a shower.

In addition, when you are planning to grow your mane longer, your hairbrush will become your best companion.

Styling with ease:

Now comes the final frontier you need to conquer- styling your hair. While you love to experiment with hair, knowing the right style that suits you is equally important.

If you are doing the things mentioned earlier (in this article), great styles will be easy to adopt.

Choose the right styling products: waxes, creams, or shampoos - you can have an arsenal that helps you achieve 'the' look!

You don't need to always look for a professional stylist. The most vital aspect of choosing one depends on how well they understand your hair growth, quality, amount of conditioning they need, etc.

There you go! Keep these tips handy and ace that killer hairstyle with strong, well-groomed hair!

Fail-proof look to impress your date at dinner

Semi-Formal wear for a Sharp look

"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Can my casuals impress her at all?" We don't require the magic mirror for this. The answer is NO. It's a romantic date! Isn't it obvious that she would want to sit opposite a sexy, well-dressed man?

So, the first tip, men, keep your dress code semi-casual. As comfortable as it is, wearing casuals will make you look too laidback while an entire formal appeal will make you look a little too cold for the warm atmosphere.

Also, despite all ages, donning a smart semi-formal wear never goes out of style.

A Classy Watch

Forget flashy cars, invest in a classy watch.

As men, we love to collect classy things to show off our expensive taste. But nothing builds the perspective of an elegant, successful man than a simple yet classy watch. A nice watch can lift your image from drab to fab. What's more? Your watch evokes the quality of maturity in you and women seek that quality in a man.

So, it's time to put your iPhones back in your pocket and rely on your timeless piece of jewelry to check time. Old as the concept is, some styles are always here to stay!

Wear a Good Cologne

Men, if you're reading this, here's a tip. Don't just look classy, smell appealing too. Intrigue her senses. Appeal to them; smell desirable and irresistible.

Imagine going on a date with body odour after a day of hard work in the office. Always refresh yourself. Wash your face, use and apply a body spray or perfume. Believe it or not, wearing good cologne around a woman can do wonders to charm her.

Make your perfume a part of your grooming ritual! This, in return will make your presence hard to resist.

Belt up!

Belts do more than keep your pants tight. Women are attracted to men who pay attention to minute details to their grooming and fashion sense. And wearing a good belt accentuates your look. Your belt should match your shoes and complement your pants. Wear the right one, because, sometimes it's these minimal details that stand out the most.

Wear Clean shoes

Shoes maketh the man!

Ergo, nothing would ruin your dinner date than unclean shoes. They often say that women judge their man's fashion sense by the shoes they wear. You wouldn't be surprised if she occasionally took a swift glance on the floor or pretended to pick up the fallen fork in the middle of dining.

So, go ahead and select an excellent pair of shoes (preferably loafers), keeping in mind, your semi-formal attire and make it a point to see that they're squeaky clean. After all, who would want to be with someone who scuffs up shoes and lets dried gum or mud stick to them?

There you have it. All these fashion tips to accentuate your appeal and leave her impressed. Now, your focus can be solely on your woman.

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